Beyond the Runway carolmoda August 4, 2020

Beyond the Runway

Augmented Reality Show via Superbright

Everything is changing. Especially in the fashion world. Marketing your brand in Fashion should not be based on in person to person contact. Building a platform where your company or brand is accessible digitally is a major key for today’s success. Collaborating and working with technology focused agencies that can help guide you in the right direction is also a major part of maintaining a strong stance in today’s fashion business structure.
I know that the first thing people think about is how expensive technology is… and it is. However, with the future of fashion and the fact that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, technology is necessary to market brands to consumers and retailers. It is a way of maintaining social distancing and still moving business forward.

Future of Fashion

The question that comes to front beyond the cost is what can brands do to achieve the same goals as a fashion week. Well if you are fashion brand and fashion shows is how you displayed your product line, think of what benefits are received from fashion shows.

Runway shows allow fashion brands to showcase their collections to buyers, the media and the press. Beyond the event, the most valuable deliverables are the photos and videos. These assets allow media to publish articles on the brand. They also allow buyers to review the collection further for future purchases. Consumers are also a factor, as these images are what they see when articles and social media posts are published.

With that being said; finding different forms of mediums that will achieve the same goals are possible. With today’s technology, there are video, photography, augmented and virtual reality, animation, illustration and print. Most recently, Augmented Reality Fashion Shows are on the rise. In the past, Augmented Reality have been used for real estate and video games. Today, it is also being used to produce fashion shows and presentations. Another element is fashion shorts. Fashion short films are also key for presenting fashion brands. Many major brands in the industry produce fashion short films as part as their advertising campaigns.

A Modish Solution

As a creative, I am constantly reading the latest articles and staying abreast of what is happening in the industry. As a leader of this agency I am often collaborating with other companies in order to exceed my client’s expectations. Knowing what latest technology and services will move my client’s business forward is what I do. This allows me to consult and provide competitive suggestions that will help bring their vision into fruition.

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