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The Brand Stylist

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Transform your fashion or lifestyle brand with CMC: your ultimate partner in branding success!

"Crafting Trends, Building Dreams: Your Fashion & Lifestyle Brand, Our Passionate Expertise."

At our core, we’re all about branding. It’s what we live and breathe – from writing about it, teaching others, to being the go-to experts for media commentary. We’ve got a knack for creating unforgettable company names and logos, transforming startups into household names, and giving established brands a serious boost in connecting with their audiences. As a brand strategy and design agency, we specialize in helping organizations nail down their brand identity, values, positioning, messages, and target audience. It’s what we do best, and we’re here to help your brand shine like never before.


CMC Brand Development Guide

Whether you hire us or not, we want you to have an optimal experience in taking your business to where you want it to go.  Your success is our goal.  

Discovery 1:1 Session - 1

This is where we discover their mission and vision for their brand.  We also discuss, the product and service they sell, their target audience and five year goals.


There are four key plans that is very important to a business, no matter what industry they are in.  These include:  Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Social Media Plan and Public Relations Plan.

We have created the CMC Development guide as a tool to take you through the initial steps that are needed in the brand development process.  What is brand development, you ask?  Brand Development is the “continuous” process of defining, refining and testing your brand strategy.  Let us help you get started on your journey to propel your brand to new heights. 


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Discovery 1:1 Session - 2

This 1:1 session is to conduct another assessment with our client to assess where they are in regard to the call to actions needed to implement the plan(s) we have created.

Road Map to Success

Once we have developed our client’s plans and have obtained all of the resources and assets currently available, we are now ready to customized roadmap to success.

Plan Execution

This is where we perform all of the action items needed to provide the deliverables to our client.  

Discovery 1:1 Session - 3

After the project is completed, we will sit down with our client for a final 1:1 session to assess our client’s satisfaction and possible next steps.