Take us back to IVY PARK .

So the dust has settled. Three months after Beyonce and Top Shop broke the internet with the active wear brand, “IVY PARK,” the images and words in her promo video still stays with me. I can identify with everything she said. We all have that place of safety and security in our minds, subconscious that […]

Who’s worth more?

It is no secret that there is money to be made in the music industry. However, I find that the amount being paid out might not be properly distributed. In a perfect world, the value of each talent and business professional involved would play a role in that distribution. At the end of the day, […]

Choose to be a better YOU.

The hardest thing I had to face in my life was the fact that I might be wrong about something that felt so right. The matter of it all is that it is not even about being right, it is about growth… self-growth. Growth is a choice. In order to improve, we need to first […]

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