Who’s worth more?

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It is no secret that there is money to be made in the music industry. However, I find that the amount being paid out might not be properly distributed. In a perfect world, the value of each talent and business professional involved would play a role in that distribution. At the end of the day, music is a business.

So let us pretend for a second that our opinion would be a deciding factor; who do you feel is worth more in music? The artist, the composer or producer, the songwriter, the manager, the executives or even the DJ?

Let’s look at the composer or producer for a moment. Instrumentals are everything in a song, at times, more important than the lyrics. With this fact, why is that so many producers are not that well known. Many songs, the public is often left in the dark of the mastermind behind the sound, unless they do their research. This makes me question, does popularity play a role in the valuation of a key person on a music product, or is it really their talent, or both?

How about the songwriter. Many artists today, aren’t writing the lyrics to their own songs. Rather, they attain lyrics and or instrumentals through a third party. Ghost writing in the music industry is a common practice. Sometimes, the people we think are the talent behind our favorite songs were sometimes just the person who bought it. My question is, shouldn’t the songwriter as well hold more value in the process as well?

Now let’s look at the unsung artists that not only can produce their own music, but have written lyrics and have amazing talent on a record, sometimes do not hold the value that they should. It’s not even just about the money anymore, it’s about how the public perceives certain individuals in the industry. Unfortunately, a person’s ability to draw a crowd’s attention has become the measurement of their worth, while they are alive. It is often after they are deceased where we begin to recognize the value of the people behind what makes us move within our spirits and bodies.


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