Love Left Hopeless

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Love left hopeless
He Inspired me to be a Queen ,
but wasn’t ready to crown himself
…so we parted ways
And I can still remember the look on his face
As I refused to even hug him, knowing damn well, all I wanted to do was to touch him.
Tears in my eyes, mouth slightly open but lost for words,
Unable to understand why this had happened,
Praying for strength through these circumstances,
That brought me to a position where I had no choice,
But to fall to my knees,
And as the days grew greater,
My pain remained still.
No matter what I did, nothing could fix it.
I learned later, this was a situation where I had to just grow though it.
But unlike the other times, in spite of the hurt, my love was never faded.
Still as strong as a pyramid
Sometimes I feel crazy, because these emotions got me still hoping.
No longer feel broken hearted,
But I wish I could just move passed this…
These feelings are endless,
And our love is still vivid.
What happens to a soul mate who refused to open his soul?
What happens to love left hopeless?

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