Let’s Get it Together

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Why do we let so-called competition get the best of us. Yes we know we are beautiful, we know why he loves us, but its something about ourselves that makes us feel inferior or just not good enough. Fact is, we need to identify these situations and nip it in the bud when it happens, before we start an unnecessary conflict with our significant other.

In order to overcome insecurity, we need to look at the elements that really cause them, such as: too much time on our hands, focusing on the negative, low self-confidence in ourselves. Each one of these elements are self constructed and as you can see, has nothing to do with HIM.

Girl! Get a Life!

Girl, if you can’t stop thinking about who he is with when he is not with you, let’s admit it, you have way to much time on your hands. What are your goals? What are you doing to reach them. Is being with your partner, your only goal? Probably not, so why are you only thinking of him and not putting yourself first?

Putting our selves first might mean that we have to push him aside to deal with our own selves for a moment. Taking some needed “Me” time will give you the ability to clear your thoughts, get to know you and accept your own great qualities that make you love you. When you start to focus on your own life before you focus on a life with a partner, you will see that some of those things that you thought could kill you, really doesn’t even make a dent.

Thinking in the Positive

I have to admit, I used to think a lot more negative than I do now. Reading empowering and motivational books like “The Secret”, “Success Principles”, “Do You”, “Super Rich” and the “Bible” have taught me to think in the positive more often. Thinking positive and discarding the negative is not an over night process. It is something that is conditioned and learned. We have to literally train ourselves.

Your thoughts have more power than you think. We often attract what we feel in side. If you feel inferior, you will attract people that make you feel inferior. If you feel successful, you will attract success. You have to learn to have confidence in who you are, what you do and how you live. If you don’t like something, don’t feel bad, change it. You have the power to achieve anything. All it takes is Faith in Motion.

You are who you think you are.

You are who you think you are. So think better of yourself and you will become better. People live by limitations. If they feel like they are limited in life, giving up and accepting surroundings is most likely. But it is up to us to learn to not see the barriers as barriers. We must see that as Human Beings, one person can change anything by just believing that they can.

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