Take us back to IVY PARK .

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So the dust has settled. Three months after Beyonce and Top Shop broke the internet with the active wear brand, “IVY PARK,” the images and words in her promo video still stays with me. I can identify with everything she said. We all have that place of safety and security in our minds, subconscious that we fall back to when we need reassurance. IVY PARK is the representation of that place in our youth where we felt the strongest.

As I examined the line of leggings, tank tops, sweat shirts, body suits and show much more, I could actually see the vision. There wasn’t anything new about the line, per say, as far as innovation. But the design, the fabric, the fit was definitely appealing.
There is an obvious movement in the world to stay healthy in mind and body. The main point that I felt that Beyonce and Top Shop wanted to bring to the table was that, this line represented that voice in our heads that said to keep going, don’t give up, create a better lifestyle starting with mind and spirit.

I don’t know if this collection has the power to change the active wear industry, but it has certainly provided a few more fashionable options, motivating us fashionistas to look stylish in the gym. What better way to inspire us to be more active and fashionably fit, is there?


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