Choose to be a better YOU.

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The hardest thing I had to face in my life was the fact that I might be wrong about something that felt so right. The matter of it all is that it is not even about being right, it is about growth… self-growth.

Growth is a choice. In order to improve, we need to first see our opportunities for improvement. We are living in a society, where most of us have been conditioned to place blame. In order to be a victor, you must accept where you stand in the struggle. You must see that you too have played a role in where you are today mentally, physically and spiritually.

We cannot continue to act the same as we did yesterday and expect to see change. At some point, we must decide to refine our actions and aim for better. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, or what your situation is, the one person you can always control is you.
We can strengthen our minds. Think more positively. Own our own greatness. We can be everything we desire ourselves to be, but we must first choose to.

So today, start with a simple mantra. While looking in the mirror, say to yourself, “Hey Beautiful, I am better than I was yesterday.”


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