Let’s Get it Together

Why do we let so-called competition get the best of us. Yes we know we are beautiful, we know why he loves us, but its something about ourselves that makes us feel inferior or just not good enough. Fact is, we need to identify these situations and nip it in the bud when it happens, […]

Am I Enough?

Insecurity is a MOFO, no easier way to say it. It can fester and rot a great relationship. It is often the reason for mistrust and the reason why great people grow apart. But the question is… what causes insecurity. Women get insecure when she doesn’t feel like she is enough for her Man. Is […]

When a legend is born – Mustafa on Sax

Greatly talented and prolific Jazz Musician, Saxophonist, Composer, Educator, Mustafa on Sax a.k.a. Melton Mustafa, Jr. graced the stage of the Eissey Campus Theater at Palm Beach State in Palm Beach Gardens, FL Monday night on July 18, 2016 along in a special performance for The National Association of Negro Musicians’ 97th Annual National Convention […]

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