Am I Enough?

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Insecurity is a MOFO, no easier way to say it. It can fester and rot a great relationship. It is often the reason for mistrust and the reason why great people grow apart. But the question is… what causes insecurity.

Women get insecure when she doesn’t feel like she is enough for her Man. Is she beautiful enough? Is she sexy enough? Is she smart enough? The questions go on an on. The thing is that, there is no way to avoid insecurity. As confident and self assured as we may seem on the outside. Deep in our hearts, we are often unsure about ourselves.

Men get insecure as well. They too feel inadequate about their bodies, features, and level of sexiness. They too ask if they are enough for their woman. And on top of everything else, they often question their own manhood.

The key is to identify your own insecurities, own them and work on eliminating them. If you are insecure about your weight, work on changing that as much as you can. A small thing like exercising and eating right can make you feel better about yourself. If you don’t feel sexy, then find ways to be more sexy. Ladies, take a pole dancing class, buy lingerie, do something you feel that would entice your Man.

Insecurity is a bad thing. It never ends well, if it is not attended to. People often ignore it because they refuse to take responsibility and admit that they are at fault. Once you humble and discard your pride, and take the responsibility for your own insecurities, you might find that your thoughts might have not made any sense. And if your own presumptions were actually true, you will find that you have the strength and the power to walk away from any situation that doesn’t become you.

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